Mean Green Interleukin Tee

Mean Green Interleukin Tee

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"A bundle of three separate species, the Mean Green Interleukin travels, defends and hunts symbiotically.  Originally this triumphant trio found one another by complete accident.  All of them kind of handicapped individually.  They had what they needed to function at a minimal level but it wasn't until they united that they became whole.  Now they are inseparable and move freely throughout Carkayous without any concern of when their next meal will come or whether or not they will soon become one."  -Jesse Smith 

All-over printed unisex tee featuring an original Illustration by Jesse Smith & Dan Hazelton with a relaxed fit and ribbed crew neck. Made from a premium jersey that does not fade after washing. 

  • 100% premium knit, mid-weight, pufferfish polyester
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry, no bleach