Endangered Eye Infested Interleukin Tee

Endangered Eye Infested Interleukin Tee

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"The Eye Infested Interleukin spends most of it's day floating around the Shinokey Mountains waiting for Tweaker Ticks to fly by so that he can fill his tummy. The Canopy creature of the interleukin generates eyes so fast that it eventually engulfs the Buoyant creature which inevitably suffocates it until it can no longer float leaving the Canopy destined to end up on the ground as a pile of eyeballs."  -Jesse Smith

As part of the Endangered Premium Collection, the peach colored version of the beloved Eye Infested Interleukin is part of a limited run of only 100 shirts! Once they're gone, they're gone! 

 All-over printed unisex tee featuring an original Illustration by Jesse Smith & Dan Hazelton with a relaxed fit and ribbed crew neck. Made from a premium jersey that does not fade after washing. 

  • 100% premium knit pufferfish polyester
  • 4.0 oz fabric available
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry, no bleach