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Read through the records of Jesse Smith from his expeditions on the Continent of Carkayous! Learn about even more unknown species of this undiscovered land below:


“Trypto Tree Lizard” Discovered in the Durken Forest scarfing down butterflies like it was it’s last meal! 
(Archived 2019)
"Butterfly Eared Bunny" from Durken Forrest. Although it's really not too scary this particular bunny spreads his ears in hopes to make him look larger so that any suspecting predators think twice before eating him. It's kinda cute watching these super harmless creatures attempt to be scary especially when you stumble across a little group of them at once.
(Archived 2007)
"Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat" discovered by Jesse Smith towards the northern base of the Shinokey Mountains.
(Archived 2007)
They swim together in hopes to keep predators away.
(Archived 2010)
"Gobble Fish" one of the many predators in the Creotic Sea who enjoy sweet squirrel meat.
(Archived 2010)
"Berry Horn Bunny Snake" feasts on Bat Bugs which are attracted to the Berries on its horns.
(Archived 2009)
One of the first documented Interleukins.
(Archived 2010)
"Slither Tongued Serpent".
(Archived 2010)