• Pumpkin Pufferfish

    The Pumpkin Pufferfish's relationship with the Quadra-Handed Squirrel Squid has been of great interest to scientists. In some of his earliest exp...
  • Killick Falls Lagoon

    In 2009, while Jesse Smith was visiting Ecuador, he met a mysterious man named Ricardo, who claimed to know where the hidden continent of Carkayo...
  • Newly Discovered, Bunny Bird: The Butterfly Eater

    Entry Date 2/17/2021: Bunny Bird: The Butterfly Eater was first discovered in a 2013 expedition to the Durken Forest of Carkayous. Jesse stumbled...
  • Discovering Carkayous

    Entry Date 2/17/2021: Since the early 1900s, there were rumors of a hidden continent that was cut off from the rest of the world. This uncharted ...
  • Newly Discovered, Eye Infested Interleukin

    Entry Date 2/8/2021: The Eye Infested Interleukin was discovered in 2013 while Jesse was exploring Carkayous's largest mountain range. In an exce...
  • Newly Discovered Continent

    Entry Date 2/8/2021: In 2009, world-renown artist and explorer Jesse Smith discovered a new continent just past the Galapagos Islands! We're here...
  • Trypto Tree Lizard

    “Trypto Tree Lizard” Discovered in the Durken Forest scarfing down butterflies like it was it’s last meal!  (Archived 2019)
  • Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat

    "Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat" discovered by Jesse Smith towards the northern base of the Shinokey Mountains. (Archived 2009)
  • Slither Tongued Serpent

    "Slither Tongued Serpent". (Archived 2010)
  • Gobble Fish

    "Gobble Fish" one of the many predators in the Creotic Sea who enjoy sweet squirrel meat. (Archived 2010)
  • Butterfly Eared Bunny

    "Butterfly Eared Bunny" from Durken Forrest. Although it's really not too scary this particular bunny spreads his ears in hopes to make him loo...
  • Berry Horn Bunny Snake

    "Berry Horn Bunny Snake" feasts on Bat Bugs which are attracted to the Berries on its horns. (Archived 2009)